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Recapitalization and rehabilitation or reconstruction of public housing properties

Enabling you to move from a government-dominated operating model to a self- sustaining, not-for-profit business that offers new and improved opportunities.


Repositioning offers a new model to pair with federal and other funding sources, and calls for a different management approach and organizational culture. With this approach, public housing authorities can act faster, make evidence-based decisions at the lowest possible organizational levels, and have a culture of accountability, agility, cost efficiency and customer service.

This new model, paired with support from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and resources available through the value of the housing authority’s assets, offers new and improved housing communities with better opportunities for residents.

Repositioning services include:

  • RAD and Section 202 conversion feasibility assessment
  • Leveraging public and private equity and debt for reinvestment
  • TBD…


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